Executive Search Presentations – Better Than a Resume

Image you are an executive seeking a new position and you could create a PowerPoint presentation about yourself and your accomplishments. Imagine further that you could voice narrated to this presentation using your own voice. You could add the appropriate level of emphasis and articulate your thoughts in a refined manner.

If you could do this then you would be playing to your strengths. Executives need to be able to use their presentation skills all the time. They must present to communicate. They must present to convince. They must present to the board or to their employees. Their voice is a well polished tool and their ability to use it is a strength that has been well developed. Their ability to communicate is a matter of pride.

Today, an executive is expected to know how to use the powerful communication tools now available. Also, if an executive could distribute this well developed and perfectly presented presentation to all that needed or wanted to hear it then this executive would be fully leveraging their communication skills.

I now want to introduce you to a simple and straight-forward way to do this. The technology is called the PTT Presenter and it stands for Presentations That Talk. It starts with the creation of a PowerPoint Presentation which is then uploaded to a server and converted to streaming media. Then, by making a simple telephone call one may voice narrated to this presentation on a slide-by-slide basis.

Once the voice narration has been approved by the presenter (and multiple takes are allowed) a link to the presentation can be sent in an e-mail, or linked to from a website. It is a great way to distribute and leverage your presentation.

Consider creating a voice-narrated presentation as a supplement to your resume. The presentation could define your strengths and accomplishments. It would demonstrate and highlight your communication skills. In today’s competitive executive marketplace communication skills are the most sought after executive requirement. Use a PTT Presenter and your voice to complement your resume and do something that will commands attention.

For more information on the PTT Presenter and online voice narrated presentations visit the website of Presentations That Talk. To find us simply type Presentations That Talk into the Google Search field as we will come up number one.

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