Staying in the Present Moment

Below are the three very direct steps to getting yourself to be more in the present moment awareness. These steps will help you achieve this if done with enough practice. This is very attainable and easy to do. Start doing this today and see what rewards it will bring you for yourself in your life.

Step 1

Practice awareness. Be aware of what is around you, be very aware of the thoughts that continue to pop up in your mind. This is very difficult to do because our ego is always trying to put these new thoughts in our heads that leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed. Practice silencing the mind. This takes discipline and focused effort to get started with.

Step 2

Recognize the benefits. There are tremendous benefits when operating in the now. Although you can only really feel and see the benefits for yourself because this is an experience another can’t really describe in full, unless the observer can see this fully and honestly. The benefits are tremendous yet very simple in nature.

Step 3

Acceptance. Be willing to accept where you are at now. This takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith in yourself that where you are now is where you really need to be and the past and future are nonexistent right now. This takes like I mentioned a new discipline of focus to be in this space, but if you’ve been here it is very blissful indeed. Acceptance is the key to putting this all together for yourself.

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